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The Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester New York (DOTCORNY) was formed in January 1971 by six people; Fred and Milli Henry, Tom and Carol Cole, and Joe and Carol Vigliotti. This group was interested in promoting dog obedience training in the Monroe County area. They felt that a Club dedicated strictly to Dog Obedience and for Dog Obedience training was needed to accomplish the aims of the group. 

Today, DOTCORNY has over 130 club members and offers classes year-round to the public. We offer all levels of obedience and agility classes as well as instruction in a variety of dog sports. Our trainers have many years of experience. We welcome people who are totally new to dog training. Let us teach you how to train your dog!

The Club’s Match and Trial History:

  • June 1971, the Club, consisting of eight members, held its first non-AKC sanctioned match and has been holding matches yearly.
  • March 1975, the Club received AKC approval to hold OB sanctioned obedience matches.
  • April 1978, the Club received AKC approval to hold OA sanctioned obedience matches.
  • July 1979, the Club received AKC permission to hold our first Licensed Obedience Trial.
  • August 1998, the Club received AKC approval to hold an AKC Class A Agility Match.
  • October 1999, the Club received AKC permission to hold our first AKC Licensed Agility Trial.
  • January 1, 2005, the Club welcomed in the titling of AKC Rally Obedience by being one of only four clubs across the county to hold a midnight AKC Licensed Rally trial.
  • August 2005, the Club held an AKC sanctioned A Tracking Match at the Honeoye Creek Wildlife Management Area.
  • September 2006, the Club held its’ first AKC Licensed Tracking Test.
  • September 2006, the Club held an AKC sanctioned A Variable Surface Tracking (VST) Match at Monroe Community College.
  • September 2007, the Club held an AKC sanctioned A Tracking Excellent (TDX) Match at the Honeoye Creek Wildlife Management Area.
  • July 2008, the Club holds its first AKC sanctioned Variable Surface Tracking (VST) Test
  • September 2008, the Club holds its first AKC sanctioned Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) Test

The Club was originally named Rochester Dog Obedience Training Club (RDOTC), but at the time the Club filed for incorporation, it was discovered that another Club with exactly the same name existed in Rochester, Minnesota. The Club’s name was changed to Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester, N.Y., Inc. (DOTCORNY)

The Club Membership has grown steadily and there are over 100 Members.

In February 2002, the Club moved into its first 24/7 training facility located at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. This gave the Club a place to teach dog training classes, hold Club meetings, host AKC Obedience trials, Rally trials and Show-N-Go’s, as well as a place to socialize with other Members of the Club.

Since the beginning of the Club, classes have been given for the public and for Members, instructed mainly by Club Members. Classes are held year round.

There are many opportunities for Members to participate in all phases of dog training and Club activities. The Members support other dog clubs by stewarding, judging, and giving exhibitions. Members help 4-H leaders and members of the 4-H Dog Program. Members present dog exhibitions to nursing homes, youth groups, and others.

The Members enjoy mixing dog training with social activities. An Annual Banquet is held, where besides socializing, each Member who has attained a title during the year with their dog, is recognized for their accomplishment.

The Club is a Member of the Interclub Match, a group of New York State Obedience Clubs, which holds an Obedience Club competition every September at one of the participating Club’s sites. Two Members are chosen for each level of obedience, Novice, Open and Utility, to represent the Club at this Match. A trophy is awarded to the winning Club.

The Club purchases books and videos on a wide variety of dog subjects, which are maintained as a lending library for Club Members to use.

A monthly newsletter, “The Score Sheet” is published and mailed to all Members. It includes Club news, Members’ news, a calendar of upcoming activities and articles of interest to the Membership.

Club Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month to discuss Club business. Occasionally programs of interest are presented.

To fully benefit from the Club Membership, plan to attend the Club meetings and participate in other activities on a regular basis. The more one participates in the variety of activities, the better acquainted one becomes with Club Members and the more one will enjoy the sport of dog training.

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